Acting for the leading life science company, Abcam plc, APS are appointed as technical and financial advisors for the development of a new 100,000 sqft headquarters building on Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  The building will comprise 60,000 sqft of office and welfare facilities, and 40,000 sqft of bespoke laboratory facilities.

Having assisted with the negotiation of the Agreement for Lease, including the assessment of contractual obligations and agreement of specifications, we were closely involved in design development and procurement processes to ensure that Abcam will receive a first-class facility at a competitive cost.   

Construction started on 1st March 2017 and APS will be monitoring the delivery of the building and drawdown of payments throughout the construction period, until Practical Completion in October 2018.




   Laboratory Space


   Meeting Room 

   Flexible Working Space


27th April 2017




Development Monitoring, Project Management, Cost Consultancy