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An architect can design a spectacular space that meets all of your needs, a contractor can make that design a reality, but who will make sure that you are getting value for money?

So how do I manage value for money?

Appointing a Quantity Surveyor is a vital step towards reducing your risk of spending more than you were expecting.

Appointing a Quantity Surveyor earlier on in the project may seem initially like a waste of resource however an early appointment, prior to design can assist you with setting total project budgets. Quantity Surveyors hold all of the key cards such as costing, value for money and market knowledge when it comes to construction and fitout projects.

Quantity Surveyors can draw on previous project information to help you to understand the magnitude of your next project. Quite often in building projects the budget is King, it is imperative that the budget is set at the right level from project commencement and that you understand all of the elements that form your total budget so that you do not have to go back, cap in hand, later down the line to the board or funders for additional monies because you got it wrong.

Setting the budget prior to talking to designers is really important as it gives them some parameters to work within. If you have no budget in mind you could find that you and wider business have signed off or fallen in love with a Rolls Royce design but can only afford a Skoda?

Quantity Surveyors have their uses at every stage of the project, after initial budgets they can also assist with recommendations of other team members and early discussions on the best method of procurement for your project, aiding decisions over whether a professional team including an architect will be required or if the project would benefit from a design and build solution.

Why should I approach APS for this service?

All projects are run by Directors and Associate Directors with 10+ years’ experience in the industry, we aim to give you the best advice, whether that be first hand from ourselves or putting you in touch with an expert in that field.

APS has a proven track record for early involvement with client schemes whether that be initial metre square rates to build a high level development plan prior to bidding on a site, running initial numbers to confirm if space will be suitable for redevelopment or deciding if you can afford to refit your existing space.

After our initial discussions we will analysis your key objectives and tailor the service we offer with your requirements. We are happy to recommend design partners and contractors that we have good working relationships with or have through market knowledge been made a where of their successes.

We will always develop a pre-qualification and tendering practise that will suit your project, whether that be for a designer or a contractor.

Being independent we have no bias towards design flourishes and construction practises which allows us to challenge expensive design decisions provoking the architect to suggest alternative solutions that may not always be cheaper but may offer time or life cost advantages.

We pride ourselves on managing your project budget as if it were our own money, clever decisions are important to us, we want the best value project for you.

We have no affiliations with contractors and are therefore in the perfect position to manage the cost changes during construction, rejecting unnecessary change and facilitating the best value changes to get you to your end product.

We run live financial reports that can be generated as often as necessary to give you a high level view of the project in a flash report format, of which can be tailored to your internal reporting needs.

We love to talk and would be happy to pop along to your office for a coffee and a discussion with no obligation necessary. 

What can we do for you?

Whether you’re an owner or an occupier, APS will provide you with confidence that projects both large and small are being managed in the highest standards; from inception to completion, and for long term peace of mind.


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