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International Women’s Day 2021 served as a reminder of the broader underlying message that should be part of our mindset – any form of discrimination is unacceptable. Attitudes are changing faster in developed countries, but education and commitment from governments and businesses alike are fundamental if we are to establish a truly diverse global economy…

Our industry purports to be forward looking, innovative, highly skilled, etc, and yet the path many are going down appears to be sacrificing quality, in many forms, in the search for convenience, commercial advantage and higher profits…but is this good for the reputation of the industry and can we stop it?

An architect can design a spectacular space that meets all of your needs, a contractor can make that design a reality, but who will make sure that you are getting value for money? So how do I manage value for money?

As a tenant, it is essential that you have a robust strategy and a clear plan of action if you are to avoid unnecessary and potentially very significant costs at the end of a lease. So how do I manage our exit strategy?

All too often we hear of projects running into problems because the employer has chosen not to appoint a PM. This decision is usually driven by a preconception that this is an unnecessary expense, or from a previous poor experience. So how does a PM add value?

We are delighted to announce the promotions of Rachel Hodge and Jack Emmins to Associate Director, in recognition of their positive contributions to the QS and PM divisions of the firm.

What can we do for you?

Whether you’re an owner or an occupier, APS will provide you with confidence that projects both large and small are being managed in the highest standards; from inception to completion, and for long term peace of mind.


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